Just Chill

Tuesday, March 29

Anxious should be my middle name. Audrey Anxious.
 It has a nice ring to it. 

Anxiety fills my life, causes me to lose sleep, and stresses me out. If there is any decision to be made, problem to be solved, idea to be presented, conversation to be had, conflict to be confronted...you can bet I will be anxious. My stomach will be slightly nauseous, I will obsessively fixate on the "issue", I will seek advice from everyone and anyone I know, I will spend time in God's word looking for answers, I will pray asking for guidance and direction...I will become totally preoccupied with the future. 

I used to think that my anxious nature was simply part of who I am. I am a worrier, and always will be. If I dwell on the future...where to live? what job to get? etc, I am really just planning, thinking ahead. No big deal. Wrong. It is a big deal. Kevin DeYoung, in his book Just Do Something, describes my sin perfectly. 

"Worry and anxiety are not merely bad habits or idiosyncrasies. They are sinful fruits that blossom from the root of unbelief. Jesus doesn't treat obsession with the future as a personal quirk, but as evidence of little faith. Worry and anxiety reflect our hearts' distrust in the goodness and sovereignty of God. Worry is a spiritual issue that must be fought with faith."

Hum... You mean I can't just be preoccupied with the future and toil over every decision I make?

Matthew 6:25-34 encourages believers to stop stressing and start trusting. God provides for the birds and clothes the wildflowers, how much more will He care and provide for me. Three times the passage says, "Therefore, do not be anxious." You think I would get the point and stop being anxious.

Verse 33 calls us to "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness".
The message could not be any clearer. I need to put to death my anxiety and obsession with the future and instead "seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness". God knows my needs and cares for me. He will provide. Fretting will do no good. I need to simply trust and obey.

Easier said then done, right?


  1. Hello beauty! It's a very cool blog! I just love your posts.

    Kisses and hugs from Brazil :)


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  2. Thanks for posting this! I struggle with similar anxiety. Looking forward to seeing you tonight!