Lexington Charm

Thursday, March 3

Two weeks ago, before I came down with the life-haulting flu, Nick and I visited W&L Law (Washington and Lee Law School) in Lexington, Virginia. 

In a town of 6,000 residents, the school is basically the main event... no mall, no Target, no Starbucks, no Applebees, no Blockbuster, no Redbox, you get the picture. 

So what attracts people to the area? Well....I believe it is Lexington's small town charm.

The entire tiny town was simply adorable. Life there was clearly slower and less hectic. Example...nothing is open on Sunday and everything closes at five. 

Not sure where we are going to end up, but living in Lexington would certainly be a change!


  1. Looks awful....why would you ever want to move there? Don't do it Aud. O.k, fine...the charming pictures are pretty convincing, but I bet there are no red-headed toddlers to play with there.

  2. I'm praying for you guys as you figure out where the Lord is leading you next!

  3. It looks so charming, but Jared and I are used to college towns that are open 24 hours!