An Afternoon Swim

Friday, July 22

With moving right around the corner, I am soaking up every moment I can with my favorite people. One of those people happens to be Laynie. Although she is tiny, her personality is anything but small. She is lively, animated, adorable, sweet, sarcastic and a total gem! Earlier this week we spent the afternoon with Allie and Kelli at the pool...swimming, smiling, laughing and splashing. 

Being an aunt is seriously the best. Laynie brings a wonderful joy and excitement to my life. She is the sweetest bundle of girl that ever existed. I am wrapped around her little finger. She knows it... and I love it! If anything about moving is going to nudge me into is leaving Laynie. There is no sweeter child on earth...I swear.

She tells me all her secrets. :-)

love. love. love being an aunt. 


  1. Gorgeous photos and beautiful girls!

  2. Being away from my nieces and nephews is definitely the hardest part of living away--especially since Jared and I haven't been able to meet two of our new nephews! I'm thinking about you as you're getting ready for your move! I know it can be a really hard and emotional time. Let me know if you need any advice or a listening ear from someone who's been there! xoxo Lissa