The Look For Less - Maxi Dress

Tuesday, July 26

Oh the ever popular maxi dress. You can dress it can dress it down. Wear it to dinner or to the beach. So many options. 

When shopping for the perfect maxi have to be picky. Too long and you find yourself tripping over your clothes. Too short...well you just look like a dork. Too baggy you look like a tent. Too tight....nobody wants to see that. Too colorful and you look like you should be vacationing in the the tropics. Too drab and you look like a frump. What is a girl to do?

Well, me...I tend to stick to black. It is my go-to color...always. 
Nine times out of ten my outfit is made up of primarily black. And frankly, I am ok with that. 
It is slenderizing....right?

Anyways, with the maxi dress, stick with simple and flattering. 
oh...and of course...try and find yourself a good deal.

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