Hello Iowa!

Thursday, August 11

We are here. We are settling in. We are happy. 

The move went very smoothly thanks to good weather, zero traffic and the help of great friends in Iowa. The past few days have been crazy with unpacking, no groceries and no internet. Our wifi should get connected tomorrow so I should be able to post again starting Monday.

I am thrilled with our apartment....950sq ft feels like a mansion after moving out of a 500sq ft apartment. 
As soon as things are decorated to my liking, I will post some pictures.

The job hunt is going splendid as well. I have already had a couple jobs offers and I have two more interviews tomorrow. 

Overall....our time here so far has been blessed. 
Nick still thinks I am going to suffer from DOS (Delayed Onset Sadness...he made that up....clever huh). 

 But as you can tell... for the time being I am very content.

I miss all you Michiganders. 


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  1. miss you. glad to see you're still drinkin the good stuff.