The Look For Less - White Cropped Pants

Tuesday, August 2

Lets face it...finding a good pair of white pants is challenging. They are frustrating and hard to find. When you do find a good pair know the kind that don't cling to your rear and show your under just want to bite the bullet and pull the matter what the price. Right? 

WRONG! Patience my dear penny-wise friends. If I would have purchased the pair on the left...two words for you....dead meat. Thankfully my life was saved when I came across the pair on the right on the clearance rack at the Loft. Six dollars...that's right....six dollars. Remember end of the season purchases (when staple pieces) are still good for next season. 

Unless of course you get carried away during the holiday season and find that come May... your once perfect white pants now do indeed...cling to your rear. But lets be honest...that has never happened to any of us. :-)

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