Wednesday, September 21

Alright, so the 30 day photo I didn't even make it to Day 2. My excuse, yesterday I happened to be incredibly busy....busy watching What Not to Wear reruns....

But you know what? Who cares?
Today will simply have to be Day 2.

So, challenge...what I wore.

You know, just a classic, effortless black dress for a Wednesday afternoon. I like to look good when Nick get's home from school. Yeah, not so much...currently wearing green sweatpants and a tanktop. The real purpose of this dress...Law School formal dinner with the Iowa Supreme Court.

I was super nervous about the dinner and was freaking out about what to wear. So naturally, Nick and I took a trip to the mall to find something suitable. My anxiety level only increased when the first 10 things I tried on were deemed "to casual" by Nick. Ah! Long story short, Nick picked out this outfit at Banana Republic. Nice. 

Overall the evening was really nothing to be anxious about. The dinner was yummy and we met 2 Justices. One of the Justices told me I was saucy...but he said it with a smile, so I am assuming he meant "boldly smart" instead of "impertinent". But who


  1. Cute! Love it! Nice pick Nick! : )

  2. Ahhhhhahah! Suacy Aud! Love the dress!

  3. You are such a cutie! And saucy too... ;)

  4. Hahaha! Love the dress...those justices probably didn't know how to handle someone lookin as good as you :)