Joy in Joliet

Tuesday, September 27

Call me crazy, but I did it. When my sister called me early in the morning and said "Hey.. want to hop on the interstate and drive until we meet in the middle?" I said, "Heck yes I do."
And so we did. We both just hopped in our cars and started to drive. The middle ended up being Joliet, exit 127, Cracker Barrel. But really, wouldn't you drive 180 miles spontaneously to see this?
Don't know you would.

Photo Challenge Day 5 - Someone I Love. 


  1. you are just pregnant. hehe. but I miss you too! Tons!

  2. LOVE these pictures! : ) and I LOVE LOVE your new banner!!!! Miss you!

  3. I agree with kelli....Love the new banner...and seriously Laynie is the cutest thing ever!!!!! My favorite is the one where she is zonked out :)