Ooo La La

Friday, September 16

Ah....happiness. The past few days were spent with my most favorite person...Laynie (sorry Nick). We giggled, smilied, played and swapped secrets. I simply cannot get enough of her sweet little spirit. 

While she was napping, as mentioned yesterday, I decided to try sewing. My sis sews the cutest little dresses, pants, headbands (see above) for Laynie and I thought ...well hard could it be. I guess I will give it a try.

So the next two afternoons were spent sewing instead of blogging.  
And after a substantial amount of frustration.......tada! 

Also, it would be deceitful to not share with you that the stitching on the inside of the skirt is horrendous.


  I had to bribe her with jellybeans to try on the skirt and to smile for the camera. 

On a totally different note...the winner from Monday's Giveaway is Kakihara! 
Thanks to everyone who participated!


  1. Adorable!!! Love those patterns!

  2. Wow! Amazing! Wherever did you get your stellar sewing skill? Or that cute model?!?