So yeah...

Thursday, September 29

So yeah...yesterday I did not exercise, make dinner or play my guitar...but I did go to work and go out to that has to count for something right. Tonight I made dinner....if you can count pizza rolls as dinner. Give me some credit, they were homemade pizza rolls...but still.

This is me as of like two seconds ago. I am trying to avoid all responsibility by blogging.
Homework, however, is calling. So I must go.

Hope all of you are having productive Thursdays...unlike me.


  1. homemade pizza rolls? as in put in the oven in your own home? Haha I miss you and love you and think you are pretty stinking cute. :)

  2. aud you gotta have a few of those days once in a while. frozen or homemade pizza rolls is a first class dinner. miss you tons

  3. hey aud here's something to do in your spare time. i really want this blazer. i spent about 3 hrs looking for one cheaper and just as cute, no luck.

    see if you can fine one for me.