Weekend Recap

Tuesday, September 13

This weekend Nick and I took a little break from the real world and took a trip to the orchard. Neither of us had ever been apple picking before so we decided to give it a try. We were delighted to find such an wonderful treasure so close to home. The orchard was gorgeous! 

Rolling hills, a creek, weeping willows, rows and rows of apple trees, sunshine, a light breeze and your best friend....all the ingredients for a perfect afternoon! I sadly forgot my camera and was forced to document our wonderful afternoon with Nick's phone. :-)

Crossing the footbridge to the orchard.

Love him. Seriously.

It was surprisingly difficult to find apples. This may have been because our apple of choice (honeycrisp) happened to be everyone's apple of choice. But, finally after some diligent searching we found a cluster of honeycrisp apples. Yum. Yum.

After apple searching for some time, we simply wandered about enjoying the wonderful weather, the beautiful orchard and each other. 

 Our findings...

So....warning...apples weigh a lot. Being apple picking novices, we thought our little bushel of apples would be inexpensive...wrong. At $2 a pound and 10lbs of apples, we ending up spending $20 on apples. Oops. I guess we will be making a lot of pie and applesause. 

We ended our trip with donuts and apple cider, sitting overlooking the orchard. Sigh.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!


  1. those are cute! his phone takes really good pictures! I really like the sun in the one where you are kissing his cheek and the one next to that : )

  2. Thanks Kel! I was impressed with the quality of the photos too. :-)

  3. Ok guys, really... you make the rest of the couples in the world look lame. You guys come up with fun stuff! Love these photos!!!

  4. I'm so impressed with the pics from the phone! The pictures are soooooo cute!!!