I am happy.

Monday, October 24

Happiness is...

eating a big bowl of ice cream and then eating another bowl because no one was home to judge me
breaking my own "leggings aren't pants" rule to go buy groceries simply because I was comfy
drinking a glass of moscato while taking an exam because I go to school online
staying up late, cuddling and watching TV movies because neither of us are tired
skyping with people I love because they live so far away 
eating a cookie (or 4) and not feeling so guilty because I exercised
having the freedom to switch my major to Bible just because I want too
my life.

 This week I am going to post about things that make me happy.
For starters....

My marriage makes me happy.
My husband makes me happy.


  1. This is great! Go you with that Bible degree!!! :)

  2. What a sweet post! :) It made me happy to read it!