Baby Company

Tuesday, January 31

Baby Hudson came to visit me this weekend....oh...and Kelli and Allie came too!
Kelli was planning on coming and Allie & Hudson were a very happy surprise addition.
We spent the weekend oohing and ahhing over Baby Hudson.
 Seriously...look at him. Freakin adorable.

I took the girls to my most favorite place to eat lunch. For two hours we chatted and ate our fill at Charlotte's. It was simply wonderful.  

 Then we strolled around downtown. It was a wee bit chilly.
***Please notice Hudson's face here...priceless.***

 We spent our evenings eating, pinning and watching movies. 
Oh and snuggling with Hudson.

 More eating out and shopping.


It was so wonderful to have my sisters here and I may or may have not cried a tiny bit when they left. 
Don't worry it was nothing a little Justin Beiber Pandora did not fix.
Happy Tuesday!

***also...Thanks a ton Kel for taking all these pictures!***
You can see her blog here!