Yeah. Yeah. I know. Super late.

Monday, January 9

I do realize that Christmas was well over 2 weeks ago, but nevertheless here are some pictures from our family Christmas. It was cheery and bright....just like Laynie and Hail's hair in the first pic.

Adorable. I mean seriously, look at that red hair.

While we were trying to take a family picture Laynie was cracking us up.Look at her smile...hilarious. 
I especially love how Nick and Jeff are both looking at her instead of the camera.

Hudson pretty much slept through Christmas. He is such a little sweetie.

My husband is a sweetie too.

Hailey wrapped her gift to Katie in a Twilight poster. Classic.

Laynie and Nick were having more fun with the tissue paper then their presents. Hehe.
Family picture. Love.


  1. That last family photo is adorable!

  2. Cute post Aud! Laynie and Hailey look like twins. Also, that last picture should go in a frame... super adorable family!