Shedd Aquarium

Monday, April 16

Shedd Aquarium. Wow. The colorful fish, the vibrant aquatic life, the 4D Dora extravaganza, the fishy smell in the air, the masses of people, the screaming children, the unbelievable lines......what an adventure. Thankfully, we got to the aquarium right as it opened and were able to enjoy a solid three hours before the chaos of a Saturday in Chicago commenced. Overall the trip was a success, although we are pretty sure Laynie thought the aquariums were simply huge movie screens.

In front of the steps at Shedd Aquarium
so excited to see the fishes!

Hudson was pretty excited too!
My pal for the weekend.
Laynie and Dora.
Looking at the "fishies" with momma.
Boating with Kelli.
More fish.
Outside on the patio overlooking downtown.
Fishy lips!

Highlight of the aquarium...the jelly fish!

Reaction to the aquarium...oh man. :)

 Thanks Kelli for taking all the pics!
The adventure continues tomorrow at the Grand Lux Cafe. :)

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  1. Aww Aud, you are too cute with Laynie! And Hudson is adorable!! Looks like you had a great time in Chicago!! Miss you!