What I'm wearing. . . 14 weeks.

Wednesday, July 18

 Pregnancy fashion is um....interesting. Scratch that...dull...and also horrendously
 outdated.  Motherhood Maternity is a small collection of plain t-shirts, denim and 
gauchos (which I am ashamed to admit...I now own). Someone please shoot me if you 
see then on me in public. Macy's leaves little to be desired with overpriced blouses 
and dresses and Old Navy's fabric is so cheap I can vividly see my ever-growing 
belly-button through each cotton tee. Awesome.

I can already feel myself getting lost in the scary, scary world of cargo pants 
and unflattering bermudas. I am really going to try my best to stay away from
 leggings and sweats everyday....but no promises. There is really nothing quite like the 
metal button on your pre-pregnancy skinny jeans digging into your hardening abdomen. 
With that in mind, leggings everyday seems like a mighty fine idea. I don't think I am 
losing my sense of fashion, it is just being over-run with my new extreme love of comfort. 
Hopefully I will soon achieve the perfect balance of both comfy and stylish.

Bahahahaha. Who am I kidding.  Happy Wednesday.


  1. Pregnant belly is cute no matter what! (well, unless you're in a mumu)

  2. HAHAHAHAHA Oh Aud you make me laugh...I think pregnant you is very cute...you wear it very well :)

  3. I got a lot of clothes from Babies R Us. I needed work wear though, so not sure if you would need the same kinds of items I did. I also went to Goodwill and got a bunch of tops in the size up from what I normally wear. I could wear those until about week 34. Enjoy your growing belly and don't worry what you look like! Pregnancy is beautiful not matter what your clothes look like!