Snapshots of a Birthday.

Monday, January 14

Friday night, Nick and I celebrated my 25th birthday at Hickory Park with our dear friends Beth and Mike. Despite being 39 weeks pregnant, the two hour drive was totally worth it for the great company, delicious barbecue and a wicked peppermint, marshmallow sundae. On Saturday, my actual birthday, we attempted to shop at Jordan Creek and eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Both plans failed. We wandered around the mall for about an hour before I asked to leave. Yes, I actually asked to leave the greatest mall in Iowa. Then we headed into the Cheesecake Factory where one look at the case of beautiful cheesecakes and I bolted for the door. Pregnancy does strange things to a girl. Although my birthday was filled with the symptoms of impending labor instead of shopping and cheesecake, it was quite enjoyable. Each back spasm and overwhelming wave of nausea brings me closer to meeting our little sweetie and that is the best birthday present ever. 

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