Fabric Flower Headband Tutorial

Tuesday, May 3

Last night I was feeling crafty.
So with the left over fabric from the wedding shower,
 I decided to make some more fabric flowers.

Below are the super simple steps to making your own.
All you need is fabric, elastic, scissors, and a hot glue gun.
Have fun creating your own adorable fabric flowers!

1. Cut out 8 identical circles.
The size of your circles will be the size of your flower.

2. Use the hot glue gun to paste the circles back to back.
Paste the circles with the patterend side facing out.
You will end up with four circles

3. Fold the fabric circle in half.
 Place a dot of hot glue along the bottom in the center.

4. Fold the fabric in half again.
Hold it shut while the glue dries.

5. Repeat this step with all four circles.

6. Cut a piece of elastic to the desired length.
7. Cut a square of fabric, just smaller then the size of the flower.
8. Cover the square with hot glue and place the elastic and fabric pieces on the square.

9. Add any buttons, bows, or other frills to the center of the flower.


 Add  flowers to homemade cards...

Or earrings...


Get creative. Flaunt your flowers.


  1. AMAZING! You are so creative. :-)

  2. My little sis is the one who taught me all I know. :-)

  3. All you girls are amazing! Creativity runs in your blood. :-)