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Tuesday, June 28

Look for Less - J Crew Flip Flops

I was hankering a new pair of flip flops and I found this adorable pair at J Crew. However the sweet, bedazzled flip flops were $26.50. While that price was not horrendous, I still could not justify spending nearly $30 on glitzy flip flops when Old Navy sells plain flip flops for $2.00.

So I decided to add some sparkle myself.


My flip flops came to a grand total of $3.17! I purchased the flip flops from Old Navy for $2.12. I spent $1.05 on black satin fabric. I then found 6 black beads and glued them in the middle of the flowers.

To make your own flip flops simply purchase some shoes,  follow the flower tutorial and hot glue your flowers to your sandals!

Have fun!

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