Aimless Wandering

Wednesday, August 17

 With an enormous amount of free time and a severe lack of relationships in the area, I have been spending my time doing what any girl would do...wandering through target. This "hobby", however, was getting old by early this week so I decided to take my wandering outside.

With my sunglasses, camera and library card in tow, I headed out of my apartment for an aimless walk. This walk actually turned into four enjoyable hours of strolling around town with absolutely no direction, plan or need to be anywhere.

My first stop was at the library. This friendly carved wooden bear greeted me. 
"Why hello Audrey....nice day for a reading a book."
"Yes. Yes it is. I like your bow tie."
"Are you going into the library?"
"Yes. Yes I am."
"Might I recommend a good book."

Ok. The bear didn't really talk...but he kind of looked like he just might any minute.  I kind of secretly wish he had started a conversation. He looks rather wise about literary things and I was unsure of what book to check out.

After meandering through the library for quite some time. I headed out with two books, neither of which I suspect the bear would have recommended. John Grisham does not really seem like his type.

My next stop was a park... a park filled with little children and little ducks. 
Oh and a random Asian man taking pictures of the ducks with a camera lens like 2 feet long. 


There were two small children picking up garbage in the park and it inspired me to help them. But then I saw a Starbucks and my inspiration to be green quickly turned into an inspiration to quench my all of a sudden noticeable thirst. I sat in starbucks for a while drinking and reading my book. Then I headed out to wander some more. I ended up in town square. 

 My travels then took me to a somewhat Alice in Wonderlandish path. Charming.

I concluded my journey near a bridge and spent the remainder of day reading. I imagine the day would have been better with company, yet it was enjoyable nonetheless.



  1. This girl needs a job. :)

  2. I'm proud of you for getting out on your own! I don't think I left the house without Jared for almost a week when we first moved--my first stop was the scrapbook store, no Targets in Canada :( (but there is one across the border in Bellingham where I work--hallelujah!)

    Hope you're enjoying Iowa!