An Iowan Evening

Tuesday, August 16

Ah...there is nothing like a cool summer evening....especially when spent with your favorite person. With a little arm twisting, I convinced Nick to put down his riveting textbook, An Introduction to the Angelo-American Legal System, and walk to the farmers market with me.

We walked through the little town of Coralville to find the farmers market at the park. The farmers market was really more like a farmers market, but the small turnout of farmers did not discourage our attendance. 
We got what we came for onion...oh and a tomato, potatoes and garlic. 

On the way home we walked past the public library and with some encouragement from Nick we went inside to get ourselves library cards. I think this was really just for me since Nick just purchased some pretty large and in charge textbooks.

After a very long and complicated process we finally got our library cards. The man at the countered was being very difficult. Nat the librarian needed proof that Nick and I were married before he would let me get a library card with the same address as Nick....our drivers licenses with the same last name and same old address did not seem convincing enough. We finally found a bill in Nick's email on his iPhone that listed both of us with our new address. So the trip to the library turned out to be successful.

After the library card ordeal we stoped at a little cafe for dinner. And by dinner I mean....a Mojo Cliff Bar and Raspberry Italian Soda. 
For Nick....espresso.

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Those librarians are always such sticklers over giving out their cards! I've been turned away more than once for not having proper evidence for my address. I'm glad you're enjoying your new home, looks like a fun place to explore!
    p.s. did you really buy just one potato? That's cute :)

  2. I we bought a bunch of potatoes...I just couldn't hold them!