Campustown Lowdown

Thursday, August 25

Welcome to Iowa City! Home of Herky the Hawkeye....

Really? Herky? They couldn't come up with anything better then Herky? I much prefer Hank the Hawkeye or Hamilton the know I even like Herman the Hawkeye and Homer the Hawkeye better...but whatev. Back to the point of this post.

 I decided to journey to campus town and stroll about. 

There were buildings...buildings...and more buildings..

Then bars...bars...and more bars...
oh and churches...lots of churches.

there were students...students... and you guessed it...more students.

In all honesty, I pretended to be one on them. I wore my brown satchel around and accepted 
every free thing people handed books for students, wrist bands for hawkeye fans, 
a glass of lemonade,  an invitation to play on intermurals and an invitation to CUC...Campus University Church. 

Also please this photograph the streetlight is on the sidewalk. This type of abnormal lighting has caused me great stress with each visit downtown. I simply think that there is no light and drive right through. 

Then in the distance I spotted the Law School. 

 Not too long after, I came across a sign claiming that a 24oz fountain pop was only $0.09. 
It was telling the truth and hallelujah...they carried Pepsi products. 

(no I don't have a black eye...just smudgy eye liner...cute)

The cheap mountain dew affair made my day and I left campus town feeling warm and caffeinated. 

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  1. lol! sounds like a fab little adventure!!! love it!!!