Snapshot of Crazy

Thursday, August 4

Crazy. That is the only word to describe my life right now. On the verge of out of control.
So many people to see, so many things on my to-do list, so much crap to little time.

Below is a snapshot of my crazy.

Our kitchen is torn apart and our tiny little apartment is full of boxes, packing peanuts, and luggage.
Our closet, however, is empty...only a few essential pieces to get us through the weekend.
Moving = pain in the rear.

But on to happier and less stress-inducing little sister is all grown up! Yesterday she turned 18! Wicked!

To celebrate the occasion, we went to The B.O.B. for dinner. Much to our surprise, the place was crawling  with women in fishnets, lace and leather and men who looked ready to brawl. The B.O.B. was my suggestion for a nice family dinner. 

Turns out there was a Motley Crue concert at Van Andel (see photo below). 
Remind me to check the concert schedule before suggesting the dinner venue next time.

As you can tell....we fit right in.

Nevertheless, we did enjoy dinner.  Especially the birthday girl and her sparkling cookie sandwich.

So my Wednesday was crazy but happy. 


  1. thats a sweet cookie thing! Did they give that to her for free because it was her birthday?

  2. I agree...I'm a huge fan of the sprinkler on it!!!!!

  3. yes they did. :-) awesome...right?