Rain Rain Go Away

Friday, August 5

Ok. So it is not raining. But this morning...I wish it was. The rain would compliment my dreary, lazy, gloomy mood. The sun, however, is shining, big, bright and beautiful. I am about to meet a friend for coffee and then spend the afternoon reminiscing at a picture swap and a possible pedicure...so the day should turn around soon. 

With moving less then 5 days away, my mind had been consumed with the things I will miss most. So I have decided to compose a little list of missable things.... (these are in no specific order...with Alayna being the exception). 
1. Alayna
2. Sisters
3. Parentals
4. Girlfriends
5. Downtown GR
6. Lake Michigan
7. Meijer 
8. Dinner Theater and Easter Drama
9. Barn Sales
10. Blythefield
11. Gilmore Restaurants
12. Paperdoll
13. My ex co-workers :-)
14. Rocky Mountain Candy
15. Rogue River Tavern and Bowling

I am sure this list is in no way complete. But it is all I can think of for now. For the first time ever though....there is one very important thing I won't have to miss.... Nick!

My family threw us a going away party. It was perfect. Friends...family.... a hot dog bar....that's what I am talking about.

Laynie seems pretty happy about the move...two thumbs up in fact. My mom on the other hand....

Go Hawkeyes!

Hailey made us this adorable cake. 

Nick and Laynie playing some bag toss.

Eating some hotdogs...watching some volleyball.


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