Sun, Sand and Smiles

Monday, August 15

With packing, moving and unpacking filling my schedule...posting pictures from our family vacation has been pretty low on my priority list. But today I find my to-do list very posting has made its way to the top. 

Elk Rapids. Ah. What a quaint, adorable, friendly...really quite perfect spot for a family vacation.  No work, no stress, no worries....just summer.

The girlies were excited and ready to go.

Our sweet little home for the week.

 Elk Rapids....had rapid....

Early in the week we went to a concert on the beach. It was....interesting to say the least. The musical pair was a bit strange. I would say we enjoyed it nonetheless...but really it was kind of painful. Thankfully the evening was redeemed by the sunset and Nick and Hailey's impressions of the dreadful duo.

On Tuesday we celebrated Allie's birthday. Hailey decorated the cake....oh her sweet sweet sense of humor.

Nanny and Papa drove up to celebrate with us.

Laynie may or may not have had too much cake.

We spent the majority of her birthday at the beach or shopping.

Laynie and Papa at the beach.

The lovely ladies shopping.

While shopping, a very happy thing see I started the shopping trip without a wallet. I was given strict instructions not to spend anything...

Well.... we ran into the men getting ice cream...the interaction went something like this....
"Oh hi babe. Yes we are having fun. Yes there are things I want to buy...."

"Yes...I could use a couple dollars...."

"Or the whole wallet..."

"I can't believe that worked."

I had no idea my mother was taking pictures of the whole thing. :-)

The rest of our vacation consisted of vacationy tennis.

....Laying at the beach....

...eating ice cream...

... playing lots of cards....

....and more beach time....

Really....could life get any better then being with your most favorite people in a wonderful place. 
Oh I miss you.


  1. this is great! : ) I love the pictures of Nick giving you money haha : ) that is hysterical!

  2. really was quite funny. lol

  3. She forgot to mention that she gave him a kiss first and then asked for the wallet haha :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow!