The Trench Coat

Tuesday, August 30

This look for less is quite simple...but quite darling.
A classic trench coat. Perfect for a brisk fall morning or cool fall night. I can just picture myself wearing one of these jackets with an adorable scarf, reading a novel on a park bench... perhaps drinking a starbucks.

Or wearing it with trouser jeans and wedges as I window shop downtown (ok lets be honest...I don't really window shop...I go into any store that looks cute...but the thought was nice).

But which jacket would I be wearing? Surely not the one with a $298 price tag...

Jacket 1: $298 J Crew (sorry to always be hating on J Crew...I just want their "look"... but for "less")
Jacket 2: $49.95 H&M (now doesn't she look happy)

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