Death by Dessert

Thursday, September 1

Yes. It is true. This dessert just might kill you. Are you ready for this?

When I found this recipe on  I thought to no way. 
But...yes...yes way.

Start with these wonderful ingredients. ( yes you do see an oreo package and brownies)

Make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Two sticks of butter for good measure.

Mix. Mix. Mix. My lovely assistant...ok...really I was more of the assistant. :-)

Pour the cookie dough into a greased pan. (ours doesn't have chocolate chips...because I hate chocolate chips)

Add a layer of oreos. 

Pour a brownie mix of the cookie dough and oreos...yes this is for real.

Spread out the brownie mix and bake at 350 for 45 minutes.
Serve warm and top with ice cream and chocolate syrup.


Seriously. So simple. So sweet.


  1. love the picture of you with the dessert! SO cute! And I LOVE your bangs!! : ) miss you!

  2. Dang. That dessert looks like heaven. Oh yeah, and I am with Kelli- thumbs up for your cute new bangs :-)

  3. that looks delicious! lovin the bangs.