Sunday, August 7

Unemployment suits me. Since the last day of working, almost 3 weeks ago, I have spent my time vacationing, swimming, eating out, hanging with Lane, spending time with my sisters, shopping, drinking wine, soaking up West Michigan, chilling with Nick...basically doing whatever I want. Seriously, what is not to love about that. Unemployment is great....oh besides watching my bank account deplete without knowing when the next paycheck will come. I guess soon enough it will be back to the real world. Two days and I will be moving...then searching for a job. 

In the meantime I will just chill with Lane at the pool...

...and continue to bug her when she wakes up from her nap.
...and make her snacks. 

Unemployment has allowed me to spend so much time with her. I love it! I promise that come next week my posts will not all be dedicated to her adorable being. I anticipate that they will instead be me blubbering on and on about my separation anxiety and sorrow. But until then....my obsessive nature will continue to show.