Rain Turned Sunny

Saturday, August 6

So my "rainy" day did turn itself around. Caffeinated and toasty from the sunshine, my mood really did improve as the day unfolded. 

With my girlfriends, sister and Lane in tow...we headed to Rockford to treat ourselves to pedicures. Best decision ever. Seriously are you "worn out and listless...do you poop out at parties"...forget vitameatavegamin....get a pedicure. It will change you life. 

Well maybe not your life....but your day for sure.

Laynie patiently waited and watched, read books, ate a sucker and played with Kelli.

Our toes and hearts were very happy.

After pedicures we headed to the Corner Bar for hotdogs, fries and soda. My favorite summer lunch.

 We sat outside to enjoy our lunch and each other. 

So my sour day turned sweet with the help of a good foot message and fabulous friends. 

Stay tuned for pics from our family vacation last week. 


  1. It looks like you girls had a ton of fun! Cute pictures. I am gonna miss you!!! <3

  2. Amanda! I am going to miss you too! Chicago....here we come!