Wednesday, September 7

Face - your guise, your apperance, your mug...

At the beginning of the day it is a blank canvas.
A place to express, create and design.

My "canvas" you'll notice, however, is not blank...but rather freckly.
Today we are going to tackle the face.

***none of these pictures will be edited in any way***

So this "challenge" really was a challenge.  Makeup seems to come in three price points... expensive, relatively expensive and super cheap. I decided to go with the super cheap option. My look for less experiment cost me a total of $22. For that I bought....eye primer, 2 eye liners, concealer, 2 lip glosses, 2 lipsticks, 3 shadows, bronzer and blush (All Elf Cosmetics). The rest of the makeup I use in this project will be makeup I already owned. So....lets start at the very beginning.

1. Concealers
Mac's coverup starts at $17...I own it and I like it...but it is a little pricy. So I purchased Target's new makeup brand Elf to try...$3.

2. Foundation
This is the one place I recommend sticking with the good stuff. Cheap foundation looks how it sounds...cheap. After researching some different options I decided that although it is pricy ($30 a pop), Mac's tinted moisture is worth the price.

3. Powder and Bronzer
Powder and bronzer work together to set your foundation in place and give you that fresh, healthy look. The bronzer I used was Elf's Golden Bronzer ...$3. Just a little less expensive then Mac's ($27...what I own) and Bobbi Browns ($35).

4. Blush
Seriously people, Elf's All Over Color Stick = $1.  The cream blush stick I own from Nars cost me $39. Yes I really did pay $39 for a cream blush stick... I am embarrassed.

So, with the exception of the foundation and the mascara...we will talk about that later this week...this look cost me $7. Just a healthy glow...nothing more...nothing less..



  1. You're so pretty. ;-) Thanks for the info!

  2. thanks Andi! you'll have to thank Erika too...it was her idea. :-)

  3. nice work Audrey! I usually love MAC the best, but those are some good options. :) How do you have time for all your homework with these awesome experiments? :)