Early Morning

Wednesday, October 5

Yes it is 5:31am.
Yes I am already going to be late for work.
Yes I wish I was still sound asleep in bed,
Yes my mug says "trick or treat"

Here's to you other early morning risers.


  1. what time did you have to work??? holy cow, i am very proud of you!

  2. I have been getting to work at six....but thirty minute drive...you know...

  3. Goodness gracious woman! That is so early to be going to work! Love your trick-or-treat mug :)

  4. Aud, this made me smile. I just started a job where I'm up at 6, 3 days a week, so I'm right there with you. But technically I'm up earlier than you, being on East Coast time. :)

  5. As awful as that time is...at least you have that happy mug to wake up to :) MISS YOU!