Lunch Break....Town Square

Thursday, October 6

Today I had the little blessing of an extra long lunch break. So, I headed down to town square to enjoy the beautiful fall weather... you know...82 degrees, breezy and sunny. Unfortunately, due to my hasty departure before the crack of dawn I did not check the weather. So naturally, I was wearing a turtleneck and boots. I mean for heaven sakes it is October...shouldn't it be snowing? Needless to say, I was a little roasty-toasty. But, despite the heat, the fresh air and sunshine did me some good.

I hope the weather everywhere else is as wonderful as Iowa. :-)


  1. Not so much in the PNW (Pacific North West, as the locals sometimes call it). Rain, fog, 58 degree highs...pretty much standard until March. I just take comfort in the fact that, in January when the rest of the world is sick to death of snow and sub-zero temps, I'll be relishing in the "warmth" :)Looks like you're in a beautiful area! Enjoy your marvelous fall!

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