Party for One

Thursday, October 27

I wanted to throw a party.
You know, just a little get together to celebrate the Project Runway Finale.
Small problem...each week I watch the show alone. 
So...I decided to throw a "Party For One".

The perfect ingredients for a "Party For One" are as follow...

1. Cute and yummy food


2. Party decorations

3. Guests. Or in this case ... a guest
(Since it was my party...I wore my pjs)

 I rather enjoyed my party for one. Most importantly...Anya won Project Runway! Yay!  I can't wait to purchase all the beautiful pieces she will create for Piperlime.
Another plus about my little party....I did not have to share my desserts.

Want to throw your own Party For One?
Here's How...
1. Decide what to celebrate
2. Pick a time and place
3. Find something yummy to eat
4. Decorate
5. Party on....

Sidenote....throwing a "party for one" is super inexpensive.
I spent $6.42 on dessert and $0.40 on decorations (the pumpkins).
All the other decorations came from my craft bag.

Whoever said "three's a party" has clearly never thrown a Party For One.


  1. OMG you're too cute! I'm watching the finale right now :)

  2. I throw a Party for One, like, all of the time. Well, it's a party for two now, but I've had my fair share of parties with myself being the only guest (and a book signing of the same nature!)

  3. This is AMAZING and so FUN!! :) You're adorable!

  4. This is the best thing of my life! Although when mom told me you were throwing a party for one I expected food however decorations...not so much. I love you and miss you so much!

  5. Oh and I like how your pajamas matched the party! And I am SOOO excited that Anya won!! Woot WOot!

  6. LOVE!!! I want to come to your party!!! Miss you sooo much!

  7. Audrey you are the best!!!! I loved everything about this post!!!

  8. Such a cute idea! Love it! And I love Project Runway!! :)

  9. Aud! I would have watched it with you if I were in Iowa! :) Ready for All Stars? :)
    Liz Strobridge :)