Week in Review

Friday, November 4

Why am I smiling?
Easy....it's Friday, 65 degrees, sunny, and I have the weekend off work. 

Once again, sorry for my lack of posting. 
Life just keeps getting in the way.
Life being....

selling retail women's clothing. reading, writing, quizzing for school. grocery shopping. making cookies. watching a movie with the husband. watching the whole twilight series alone. more retail. contemplating three job offers. being stressed out. sticking with the job I already have. planning a trip home for Christmas. attempting to exercise consistently. getting a ridiculously long oil change. laundry and more laundry. going out to dinner with new friends. missing people I love.  

have an excellent weekend. 


  1. Friday is always an excellent reason for smiling. especially if it's a Friday with nice weather. :]

  2. you are a busy girl indeed! sounds like a pretty good week though! :) Hope your weekend slows down and you can relax some :)

  3. Oh Audrey...you make me smile :)