Short, but sweet.

Wednesday, November 30

 So this picture pretty much sums up the good ole' trip to Michigan.
It was short, but oh so sweet.

There is nothing better then laughing with your sisters. 
If you are wondering why Hailey is on the is because she spent most of the day trying to induce labor.
Our "Thanksgiving Day", which was really Wednesday, consisted of brunch, lounging around, highlighting some hair, painting some nails, playing hide and seek with Laynie, watching Nick and Laynie play....

They spent about an hour playing with their iphones. hahahahahahaha. It was adorable.



When Nick and Laynie were done chillin' we painted our nails.

However, my favorite moment....
watching Hailey read the humor section on pinterest.

Yes...that really happened. And yes....Katie put a bib on her. Hilarious.

Here are some more random pics from the night....
giving baby honey some lovin'.


Later we went to Blue Water with Kel.
It was wonderful.
The trip was much much to short, but it was great nonetheless.
I can't wait until Christmas!


  1. all these photos are to die for cute! what a lovely family :)

  2. Aww! I miss you!! and your forgot to mention that Hailey was laughing so hard that she started drooling (hense the bib) haha! love you and miss you!!

  3. what a beautiful family! and I can totally relate to the crying while laughing. The Humor tab gets me in trouble at work on a daily basis! :)

  4. i just love those pics of her crying while she read pinterest! haha
    Beautiful! Looks like you had fun :-)