What to do....

Thursday, December 1

I am having an intense inner battle with myself.
It has been over 6 months since I have colored my hair.
11 months since I have seriously cut it. 

I love change. I especially love changing my hair.
My problem is this....I want my hair to be long and my natural color....but it just takes so freakin long to grow it out and coloring your hair is just so fun.
So...I have been using pinterest as an offensive weapon to fight the urge of chopping it all off....

here our my long/natural looking hair inspirations.



Now, I recognize that in the last picture her hair is neither long nor natural looking.
However, I find her short pastel blue bob to be oddly beautiful. 
hum....what to do....


  1. Your hair looked super cute when I saw you last week :)
    You should keep growing it, but keep the bangs cuz you pull them off! But please don't do the blue bob thing!

  2. hehe...that was more of a joke. I would never die my hair blue...lol!