A Wonderful Visit

Monday, November 14


Ah. Happiness. 
This weekend, Nick and I had some much needed company.
Iowa is great and all....but I was in desperate need of some girl-time with one of my most favorite girls...Chelsi! Our weekend consisted of playing cards, ordering pizza, buying and watching Harry Potter 7 Part 2, eating ice-cream sundaes for breakfast, drinking wine, shopping, watching the Michigan game, laughing, laughing, more laughing and catching up. 

Saturday morning, Chelsi and I decided (against our better judgement) to head to the mall. The boys were hesitant, but finally sent us out the door with only minor warnings...

Their bad....
(yes...that is a Coach bag in Chelsi's right hand)

Ok. Ok. The bags are filled with mostly Christmas presents...I swear. 

This is the sight we returned too. Bahaha.
The boys enjoying the Michigan game and clearly...the couch.

Spending the weekend with our wonderful friends was such a blessing. 
3 months away from home and the newness of Iowa is wearing off.
We both missed our friends and it was absolutely fantastic to see them.


  1. Oh my word you two are naughty with your shopping! I only wish I could have gone with you! Glad to see you had a good time!!

  2. LOL!!! We had a fantastic time!!! Remember I need copies of all the fun pictures we took! :)

  3. oh girls, did i teach you that. ha

  4. Hope my present is in one of those bags chels!!