Colder Weather

Thursday, November 10


Colder weather. Ah. First snow. Sigh.
Colder weather is bittersweet. 
It brings brisk mornings and chilly evenings. 
It brings slippery roads, horrible winds and frozen toes.
It brings the great joy of scrapping ice off the honda (note the sarcasm).
It brings darkness at 4:30pm and makes me sad.

But it also brings Christmas...which makes me insanely happy.
It brings hats, coats, boots and mittens...which I also like.
It brings the smell of cinnamon and pine...
as well as sparklely decorations to Target. love.
Colder weather will bring "baby honey", my new nephew.
and much anticipated time with my sisters.

So while colder weather makes me chilly on the outside, it makes me warm on the inside. 

Hat | thrifted, Coat | Paperdoll, Jeans | Thrifted, Boots | Target


  1. Nice, Baby Honey made the blog! :) You are darling and I love this post! Love you!

  2. this is cute :) and I LOVE that hat!

  3. you are so stinkin cute in this hat and jacket girlie :)

  4. I seriously bought a hat just like that last night. weird. I miss you and love you and I'm obsessed with thinking about how soon you will come visit. because i am going crazy without you. I love you!

  5. Where did you get that great hat? My daughter would love it!!!!!