Friday Friday

Saturday, December 3

I must confess, Friday night was a decorating fail.

After work, decorating for Christmas lost its appeal and mostly felt overwhelming. So,  instead of "Christmasing" our little home, Nick and I sat on the couch, ate Chinese and watched 8 ( read that right) 8 episodes of Lost. We started at around 6:30pm and finished at 1:30am, only after I convinced Nick that I might die if I got less then 5 hrs of sleep.

Some may call this lazy....I call it awesome.

 Instead of continuing to drive to and from Blockbuster to rent our new little addiction, we simply bought the first 3 seasons. For $20 I might add. Bargain? I think so.

On a different note, Chinese takeout makes me insanely happy. 
I hope that so far, all of your weekends are much more productive then mine.


  1. this is happiness! I have to say I am a little jealous 1. because I want to do this with you i miss you! 2. because I want to do this with Travis! : ) MISS YOU AUD!!!

  2. haha hubby and I get stuck watching episodes on netflix all the time. We will start one and then we get hooked and can't stop!

    Glad we aren't the only ones!!!!

  3. are GREAT!!! And the Chinese made me think of mall Chinese which made me think of all our happy trips to the mall...which made me miss you even more...I also miss the mall...but I definitely miss you more!!!