Ode to 2011 (Black and white and just in time)

Saturday, December 31

 Here is an ode to 2011 in pictures. 
January: The road trips to law schools began. Chicago, Champaign and Nashville.

February: Parents for the week. With Jeff and Allison off in Mexico, we got little Laynie all to ourselves. 
March: After a trip to Lexington and one last trip to Iowa City we made the big decision.
April: Partying, partying yeah! Stacy's bridal shower was simply wonderful.
May: The Look for Less begins!
June: Stacy's chilly but cheery wedding!
July: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Premiere. Need I say more. Epic.
August: Family vacation. Yes please.
September: Settling in to life in Iowa.
October: The first ever party for one. You know you wish you would have been invited.

November: Ridiculously awesome fall weather.

December: Best Christmas gift ever...Baby honey!
 Happy New Years! 

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  1. This post makes me soooooo happy!!! And I've never seen that picture of you all freezing on the beach...hahaha...it was SO STINKIN COLD!!!!!!