Comfy, Cozy

Thursday, October 4

Fall (and pregnancy) is all about being comfy, cozy. The recipe for being comfy, cozy is as apple cider, slippers, a good book and of course a nap. Today was the first perfect fall day...a slight chill in the air, colorful trees, the smell of leaves, sunshine, and an over-sized cardigan. Baby and I are sporting our favorite maternity leggings and doing great. We plan to spend the evening cuddle on the couch with a baby name book and project runway. Fall is treating us well, hopefully it lasts awhile. Happy Thursday!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I can't wait to see you in person soon!!!!!

  2. Aud- I can honestly say you're glowing while PG. You look so happy. Love u! Auntie Kris