Wednesday, October 3

Sprinkles add happiness to life. If you are sad, grumpy, blue, or crabby....make these cookies. They will satisfy your sweet tooth and also make you smile. Yesterday I attempted to make banana bread. It was an epic fail. Apparently when you forget the flour, banana bread turns out kinda messy and frankly quite unappetizing. It also makes your house smell like burning monkey-poo. Yum. Thankfully, I found it rather humorous instead of the opposite...tear-worthy. Nick even said he was suprised I didn't cry. Awesome. After my banana bread episode, I decided to try and redeem myself by making some cookies. These colorful cookies caught my eye. The recipe uses cake mix and sprinkles, what is not to love about that? A wonderful mix between cake and cookies, super easy and super yummy... even I could not mess them up! Sweet, sweet success.

 For the recipe click here.
You won't regret it!


  1. Ohh Aud, I'm sorry the banana bread did not turn out!! However, those cookies look amazing and the pic of the cookie resting on your belly is great!! Miss you!!

  2. lol! Way to have perseverance!!! Those cookies look scrumptious! Miss you!

  3. Bring that belly to Michigan right now! (Bring the cookies too!)