The Problem with Comparison

Monday, April 29

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  Do you ever sit in church and feel like the pastor is speaking directly to you? It's always a little startling, like God is lovingly pointing His finger in your direction saying, "Listen up kid, this ones for you." Well, yesterday morning was my turn to listen up. The title of the sermon: Breaking the Chains of Comparison. Yeah, about that.  I am shackled pretty tight.  I am constantly comparing my life to others; her apartment is trendier, her car is newer, her clothes are more stylish, her closet is fuller, her post-pregnancy belly is flatter, her bank account is more comfortable, her vacations are more glamorous, her education is more sophisticated, her job is more exciting, her baby sleeps through the night, her husband and children are perfect. She’s taller, shorter, skinner, curvier, prettier, funnier, healthier, richer, sweeter, stronger, friendlier, happier, and better off than me! AHHHHH!

The problem with comparison? It steals my joy and my contentment. It robs me of a grateful heart. It makes me anxious. It makes me lose sleep. It makes me obsessive and preoccupied.

When God looks at me He doesn’t see my home, my car, my clothes, or my bank account. He see’s my heart and He see’s His workmanship. That’s all that matters. I have nothing to prove to anybody else because I am His. My identity and purpose should be found in Jesus’ mission, not my situation.

Comparison is a waste of time. It would do me some good to remember that. 


  1. 2 things:

    1. I am guilty of stalking your blog posts...all the way back to May! I'm embarassed that I'm that "creeper friend" ;)
    2. I'm not sorry because this post encouraged me! It was worth it! :)