The Trip to Chicago that Ended with a Flight to Florida

Wednesday, May 8

Well, our trip to Chicago had a surprise ending... Florida sunshine! The story goes something like this.

Audrey: "Hey Chelsi, I am super jealous that you are leaving Chicago today to visit your family in Florida. I wish I was going on vacation to Florida."

Chelsi: "You know you are more than welcome to come. My flight leaves in six hours."

Audrey (with a joking tone): "Hey Nick, can I go to Florida today with Chelsi?"

Nick: "I guess, if you can find a plane ticket."

Audrey: "You're joking."

Nick: "No, seriously. That would be fun."

The whole exchange took less then five minutes and three hours later I was at the airport leaving for Florida with nothing but the clothes on my back, the stroller, and the diaper bag crammed full of baby things, my swimsuit, and pajamas. Caleb and I ditched Chicago and it's chilly wind for the sunny, warm beaches of Fort Myers. Spontaneous? Yes. Crazy? Yes. Best decision ever? You bet!

Let me tell you, traveling with a baby is a pain in the rear. You really need a third arm and an extra dose of patience. Caleb was not the problem, he was a total trooper. The problem was the masses of annoying people at the airport. If you ever see a young mom holding a sleeping baby trying to take off her winter boots, hand over her boarding ticket, collapse a stroller, and place everything on the security conveyer belt simultaneously, please don't gawk. Here's an idea....offer to help. It was also extra special when the couple I sat next to on the plane rolled their eyes and whispered, "Oh great, a baby." Nice. Real nice. I have to say, it was incredibly satisfying when Caleb was perfectly adorable and quiet the entire flight. Go baby.

Ok, so enough complaining. In spite of the of rude travelors, the trip really went quite smoothly. We landed in Fort Myers at 1:00am, just twelve short hours after my impromptu decision to blow outta dodge. We met up with Chelsi (she was on a different flight) and headed to her family's condo. When we stepped outside the airport, the night air was sweaty and sticky on my face. Ah...sweet, sweet heat. The insane humidity wrapped around me like a hug. It was awesome.

After purchasing some oneies for Caleb and a pair of flip-flops for myself, we were ready for the week. Chelsi, Caleb, and I spent our time laying by the pool, watching Boy Meets World reruns, eating ice-cream, and enjoying the sunshine.

Here's a glimpse of the pool. Gorgeous.
Oh sweet Florida sunshine, I miss you. I will post some more of my favorite pictures tomorrow.
Happy Wednesday!