The Windy City

Tuesday, May 7

There is just something about Chicago. I will never get tired of traveling to this marvelous city. The buildings, the lakeshore, the pizza, the shopping, I love it all. Back in April, Nick and I packed up the baby and drove to Chicago for a weekend visit with friends. Our weekend included cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, some deep dish from Girodano's, tons of catching up and laughing, and of course a little shopping. We all stayed in a condo with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city on one side and Navy Pier on the other. It was gorgeous. Here's the best of my iPhone pics. 


  1. um you are the cutest, love the picture of you in the jacket with the stroller :) and all of these pictures are awesome!

  2. um you are also the bravest. way to get out there and hit the town with a bitsy baby. I'm incredibly impressed with all your traveling endeavors. I'm pretty sure I didn't get out of sweatpants or my living room for the first four months of my son's life. =)