The Look For Less - J Crew

Friday, May 6

As most of you know, I love to shop. However, since getting married and living with the reality that cute clothes don't pay the bills I have had to lay off the shopping. Well...not completely...I have just had to search for better deals.
So for those of you like me (whose first love was shopping), this post is for you. 

The Look for Less - J Crew
Here we have an adorable spring outfit from J Crew with a not-so-adorable price tag.
Draper pant - $148.
Nili Lotan Stripe Boyfriend Sweater - $218
Camille Wedge - $150

Grand Total: $516

My Look 
Gap Clearance Capri - $14.97
Banana Republic Striped Tee - $27.99
Gap Outlet Wedge - $26.99

Grand Total : $69.95

There you have it....proof that being fashionable doesn't have to land you in the poor house.
Stay tuned for more Looks for Less.


  1. This is great! LOVE it. Also, the new look is adorable =)

  2. Love this! Nice work Aud...Let's go shopping together k? :)

  3. Love it!!! this idea is GREAT! You are GREAT! :)