Game Day

Monday, November 7

It is unfortunatley true.
Up until Saturday, when my in-laws so generously sported for tickets to the Iowa/Michigan game, I had never been to a college football game. (Well...that is not entirely true if you count a game I attended at GVSU. But since Rockford High School's stadium rivals GVSU in size, I don't really think it counts.)

Much to my dismay, we started tailgating around 9am. I spent the entire week giving Nick grief about eating hamburgers before 10am, but it turns out they were yummy for breakfast.  Despite being 37 degrees out, my first tailgating experience was actually quite fun. 

Unfortunately the "60 degrees and sunny" forecast never came true, but the game was great nonetheless.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. You sure went BIG TIME for your first football game! Glad you had fun girl!

  2. I thought maybe you guys would go...despite the cold weather you look adorable :)

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